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Klichev forestry

Klichev Forestry is located in the Mogilev region in Klichev and a small part (113 hectares) of the Kirov administrative districts and includes 10 forest districts: Batsevichskoe, Berdovskoe, Virkovskoe, Gonchanskoe, Dolgovskoe, Zapolsky Klichev, Kolbchanskoe, Potokskoe, Usakinskoe. Forestry office is located in the town GG Cry. Forest land occupied by Klichev leskhoz is 50.5%. Of tree species in forestry Klichev grow pine, birch, black alder, spruce, oak, ash, hornbeam. Other species (maple, poplar, linden, willow, alder) occupy less than 0.1%.


Forest growing and forest protection

In the species composition of forests dominated by coniferous forests, of which 26% is occupied by saplings. These conditions define the high grade nature of fire danger trees forest fire protection is carried out jointly by ground and air services. Approximately 70% of the covered areas of the 77 fire observation towers, 51 of which are equipped with azimuth circles on the ground-bound, 7 remote monitoring video cameras. In the forestry enterprises organized by PHS 26, PHS 13 of them - II type. To extinguish fires using 61 car fire. In accordance with the general plan of forest firefighting unit




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